Friday, May 25, 2012

Food & Flower Paintings

Posted by Maggie

I serve on the Board of Directors for the New Mexico Art League, and for the past few months we've been working on plans for this summer's Food & Flower Festival. There will be a month-long exhibition, but to kick things off, there will be a number of events on June 3 at the League.

In addition to working on some organizational things, I've been painting small pieces for the silent auction. The work, donated by instructors, members and friends of the League, will hang unframed and be auctioned off. My usual subject is landscape (with buildings occasionally appearing in paintings done in or inspired by European workshops) but I thought it would be fun to do some food and flowers. Here are the results.

Oranges and Blue Bowl, 8x10, oil on panel, ©Maggie Price

Tea Roses, 8x10, oil on panel, ©Maggie Price

Lilies & Bluebells, 10x8, oil on panel, ©Maggie Price

Hollyhocks, 8x10, pastel, ©Maggie Price

Peppers on a Glass Tray, 8x10, pastel, ©Maggie Price

I'm going to donate three of the above to the League for the auction. If you're in New Mexico, join us on June 3 and maybe one will go home with you!

It's been so much fun painting these, I think I'm going to add still life and/or florals to some of my upcoming workshops, or maybe teach a workshop now and then focusing on those subjects rather than landscape. So I've not only avoided getting in a rut, I have new and fascinating subjects now!