Saturday, April 27, 2013

Nice things are happening

I am happy to report that a number of very nice things are developing to honor and remember Maggie. The International Association of Pastel Societies has founded a perpetual award, the Maggie Price Award of Excellence. Donations are pouring in. You can learn more about it on The Pastel Journal will run a feature in the next issue. It is also covered in Plein Air’s web site. The Pastel Society of America sent an excellent announcement to their entire membership. PSA used a photo by Brenda Matson which I will add with this blog.

And last but not least, I am working with the New Mexico Art League to hang a 50+ show, “The Best of Maggie Price.”

I am also happy to report that the bitterness, anger and questioning...why?  why? that my earlier posting reflected, has gone away. Mostly. Now it’s just the constant ache of missing her. I cannot answer the question why she died when she was living such a useful life. I leave the question to the  will of God, with faith. However this is not blind faith for there is certainly Divine Wisdom underlying the event. Some refer to her death as a loss, as it certainly is. But the loss is temporary and she is not LOST to me. The love bond that brought us together, and kept us together is still very real and will take us together again.

By the completion of the show and IAPS convention in mid June I expect to have this site updated throughout and will be adding many new paintings to her galleries. We made very little effort to market our work because we were very busy with workshops, travel, writing and business details. As a result there is a large collection of her recent work still available. Final assembly on this site will be done as soon as the show is over in mid June. Direct purchases will be possible on the site.


  1. Dear Bill,
    You are such a wonderful guy..God will care for you until you can be with Maggie again.
    Thanks for continuing this blog for all of Maggie's friends. I love the picture...I can see her smile looking just like that the last time we were together.
    My Best , Bill, and God bless. Cindy Kohring

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