Tuesday, June 18, 2013

An explanation to our readers

Her daughter and I, her husband, have promised to keep Maggie's web site active, and we definitely will do so. The demands and emotional overload caused by her death have kept us from accomplishing much. Parts of the site are things only Maggie could do, but we will be presenting a lot of interesting material from her files in the workshop reviews and greatly expanding her gallery pages with options to purchase. I have found great difficulty contemplating painting things that I will not be able to show to her and get her suggestions. But I WILL get back to painting and will follow her lead in discussing particular works in the Painting Partners. The graphics will change, but the title will not, as my painting is and always will be partly the result of a partnership that continues in a quiet way.
Bill Canright, PSA, IAPS/MC, PSNM


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  2. I am so sorry for your loss. I didn;t have the honor of meeting Maggie, but I have had the honor of reading her books and videos, she inspired me to pick up my first pastel set just past January. You can be sure that even though she is not here in a physical form, she will remain here in spirit and inspiration for eternity, she is immortalized through her beautiful works and instructions. What a wonderful legacy to be proud of.

    May Blessings to your family during this time and remember she will always be with you.

    AJ Turner