Monday, January 21, 2013

Roller Coaster Ride

Posted by Maggie

I don't like roller coasters.  In fact I have never liked any carnival ride more extreme than a Ferris Wheel, and I wasn't always sure about that.

Life has been a roller coaster ride for one month now. It's not just the health issues, though they are sometimes daunting, especially with the limited mobility. But to add insult to injury, I've had to spend even more time dealing with health care providers, insurance companies, etc., etc. It seems a bit much to ask to have to do all that, chasing people down to get things in order, while also figuring out how to focus on dealing with disease. Finally I was assigned a patient advocate who is now helping with getting everything organized. With the changes in doctors and hospitals, I lost a couple days before starting treatment, but it's beginning Wednesday.

One high part of the roller coaster ride this week was getting the advance copy of my book. It has been such a pleasure to see it. Another high has continued to be the contact from so many friends and family.   To my artist friends who are on Facebook, I cruise to see what you're all painting and posting. It's fun to keep up that way.

When I can do so, I think we've figured out a way to get my chair in front of an easel, with everything lowered to reach. I can't wait., and it won't be long now.

Happy painting to you all,



  1. Keep up the positive thoughts, Maggie. You are in my thoughts and prayers! I can't wait to see what you will paint next! I also can't wait to see the book!

  2. Maggie. You are never alone. Reaching out is do important. Thanks for these blogs. Your one about eating right was inspirational. Thank you think I'll check into that. Prayers coming your way.

  3. Thoughts for you from France. I am sure that your next book will be exclusively in French! :-)

  4. Great'll be painting soon...let the mountain come to Mohammed!!

  5. Sending healing prayers as you begin treatment tomorrow.

  6. I am glad you have a patient advocate; have often wondered how people deal with such issues on a large scale, as I encounter the same on a smaller scale. All my best for tomorrow. PSV members are very concerned and have emailed amongst ourselves. We are so appreciative of you working with us in November and want you to be able to return!

  7. Hi Maggie, I love reading your blog. I'm thinking that people may need to have some kind of (blog) account to click on "comments" to leave their remarks under your blog? I'll try again later, when I'm not signed in, to see if it looks any different. I hope you have a great day. :-) Eileen Casey

  8. Hi Maggie, I don't know you in person but I have read and followed you on facebook and the website for awhile now. I love your work and admire it. I plan to take a workshop with you when you are feeling better. I painted my way thru breast cancer,it was my thearpy. I have you and your husband on prayer list.
    Hugs and Blessing,
    Mary Domec

  9. Hi Maggie, I'm sorry you've had to deal with "the system"'s so darned frustrating! I'm glad you now have an advocate, and hope that the treatments go well (as well as they can) for you. Love and prayers go out every day. Dot H.

  10. Maggie, I pray for you every day. Dreamed of you the other night too! Hosting a gallery book party where I will do another demo and display both my paintings that are the book. We are planning on doing it in April if books are in. I will email you about that soon... Wish you could join us but know you have too much on your plate and it is just too far! So I will make pictures to send to you and tell them your remarkable and inspiring story. Hugs and love to you, and God bless and be with you as you start your treatment. - Dot

  11. Hi Maggie,
    I've never met you but after reading all of your books and watching your videos, I count you among my friends. I will keep you in my thoughts and send lots of positive vibes your way.

  12. Hello from Texas! Sending WARM healthy wishes your way! I'm glad you're sharing your experience in your blog - it's good for you, and I bet it will many others in the same situation.

    And....I can't wait to get a copy of your new book! Love the first one!

  13. Dear Maggie, I was just told today of your illness. Please add my voice to the huge chorus of well wishes and waves of healing energy being sent your way.
    I took a 3 day workshop with you last fall in Roseburg, OR. It was by far the most useful and encouraging workshop I've ever taken. Just want to thank you so much for your generous teaching. Enjoyed yours and Bill's company at dinner, also.
    Having taken the cancer journey twice in five years with my life partner, I am well acquainted with that roller coaster ride. And, my heart goes out to both you and Bill.
    Keep the faith,
    Much love to you,
    Bernie Gardner