Sunday, February 17, 2013

Too Many Ravens

Posted by Maggie

Raven Winter, 6x6, oil on prepared board, ©Maggie Price
It has been a season of too many ravens, but I have tried not to take it personally.

Yes, I know in many cultures, they are a symbol of death. I have ignored this, as I have long ignored facing mortality, until it sidled by with a black-winged, knowing glance.

But where I live, Raven is also the Trickster. He changes the world, and people, through deceit and trickery. You can’t trust him.

I could be disturbed by the cacophony outside the window. But I think perhaps Raven and his friends are laughing at me, thinking they’ve got me worried and on the run, when there’s really no need for fear at all.  If I paint him, perhaps I will understand his tricks.

Already as it’s warming the ravens are departing. Soon we’ll see the sharp-nosed roadrunner with his keen eye and fast feet, and the happy summer birds are already here— giggling finches with their giddy summer warble, and bobble topped quail sitting on the posts calling each other.  

Who worries about ravens when you can have songbirds?

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  1. Love your new free style Maggie - I think you should keep it!!! Lots of love to you and Bill xx

  2. I think you should keep it ,too, Maggie, as a reminder of how strong you are and how no one can take that from you, amazing girl. hugs to you and Bill