Saturday, April 6, 2013

A tragic and senseless loss

Maggie lost her battle with cancer early Thursday, April 4. After her weakened condition and the "chemo brain" it was impossible for her to continue the blog. To say that I am devastated is a huge understatement. She was my world and I would have gladly left at the same time. Obviously we don't get to choose when we go. If we did, she would still be here. Her desire was to continue sharing things of beauty and showing others how to do the same. I intend to do what I can to continue her work. Her web site will continue with its current offerings and will be updated with gems from her extensive writing.
Maggie's husband, Bill Canright


  1. I am so sorry to hear this sad news. Maggie has been an inspiration to me since I discovered her books and instructional videos. The artistic world has certainly lost a great asset. My deepest sympathies, my thoughts, and my prayers are with you Bill.

  2. Regret to hear about the loss of a great artist. Will miss the opportunities to Learn from Maggie. Thoughts are with her family!

  3. Dear Bill,
    My heartfelt sympathy to you and your family. What an immense loss to all. I loved being with you and Maggie in Spain and Scotland and will miss her so much. God Bless. Cindy Kohring

  4. My dear Bill,
    My deepest sympathy to you, dear friend! As you may know, I love you both and I feel an emptiness in my heart with the sudden and premature passing of dear Maggie! Sincerely, Nicholas

  5. Dear Bill
    It is so good to hear you say that you will continue her work. I thank God for her and you. You are in my prayers.

  6. With sincere sympathy and regret, I learned of Maggie's passing only today when I received an email from Chuck Lewis of the NMAL. I have always loved her paintings and the world will miss her wonderful teaching and artistic contributions. I was looking at Maggie's beautiful paintings at the NMAL Gallery in February and I felt such joy from her paintings. I did not know of her sudden illness until I saw this Blog. Such a shock. May you take strength in having known and loved her for so many years.

  7. I recently began exploring my art interest that had been tucked away during the busy years of raising children, now that I have an empty nest it was time to pursue my old interests.
    I had borrowed and purchased several books to learn about pastels since it I had never used them before, and by far the best books I refer to daily are Maggie's. I just learned of her recent death and was saddened by your loss and wanted to express my sincere sympathy.
    Truthfully, my enrolling in a beginners pastel class was an exercise given to me by my grief counselor I had been meeting with following my 23 year old sons recent unexpected and senseless death. I needed a distraction and creative outlet for my sadness and creating beautiful things in art feels right to me at this time in my life.
    I will sadly miss your beloved Maggie as I continue on my art adventures, using her guidance in the books I have written by her. Thank you for continuing her web sight, I look forward to the things you share in the future. Sincerely, Nan Genereux