Thursday, October 8, 2009

Remembering Scotland

(Posted by Maggie)
We've been home from Scotland for some weeks now, but it's still on my mind. This small painting is the view of Loch Tay from the other side of the bridge, opposite the hotel we stayed at (the Kenmore Hotel, built in 1572). The early evening light scattered across the hills and illuminated the heather while silhouetting the small island on the right.

It's always a challenge to teach a long plein-air workshop, as weather is the one thing we can never control. We had more rain during this workshop than the previous one in Scotland around the same time of year; the locals told us this year was very unusual and it should have been dry. The good part was the dramatic clouds, and the unusually vivid and plentiful heather which bloomed across the Highlands.

I love painting clouds with oils, even more than with pastel.

Above left: Loch Tay, 6x8, oil on panel, © Maggie Price. $95.

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