Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sharing Space and Art

(Posted by Maggie)
Working together seems natural to both of us. We worked together for years in our graphics/advertising business. We worked together on The Pastel Journal (Maggie in editorial and art; Bill in advertising and art). In the pastel workshops around the country, while Maggie does most of the talking and demonstration, Bill handles a lot of other details, and it's still a partnership.

When we first began sharing the pastel studio, left, it seemed a natural extension of the way we've always worked. Just as we have our own desks and computers, in the studio we each have our own easel, our own supplies and our own set-ups. We recently remodeled the space and refined the organization of supplies, but the arrangement is much the same, with each of us having a separate area. (Of course, that doesn't prevent the "borrowing" of a particular color, stick of charcoal, etc.)

Now that we're both working in oils as well, we've set up a separate oil painting area in the adjoining room. This large room was once the office of The Pastel Journal. Now, it holds Maggie's desk, the framing area (with a long worktable and mat cutter), and at the other end, the oil painting easels. We're just finishing rearranging things to accommodate Bill's new Richeson easel, and it's becoming a comfortable workspace. Like the pastel studio, this room has lots of light (six windows and a sliding glass door), and a tile floor.

Working together gives us companionship, when we both happen to be in the same room at the same time. And at any time, it gives us the opportunity for a helpful critique when we need it. "Tell me if I'm done," or "what do you think of this?" or even "What is wrong with this?!" brings either of us an objective, usually gentle, but always honest response.

We enjoy the arrangement, and yes, we do know how lucky we are.

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